Dell 'Fractal' workstation designs revealed

Look, we don't normally get too stoked over workstations, they remind us too much of "work." Also, "stations." Still, a chance to see some unreleased workstations from Dell? That actually look pretty sweet? Sure, we'll go in on that. A tipster found these "Fractal design language" renders just floating helplessly around the internet and forwarded them over. They presumably relate to the upcoming Precision T7600, T5600, and T3600 lines (refreshes for the T7500, T5500, and T3600, respectively). One of Dell's favorite design houses is responsible for the images, but that doesn't necessarily mean the final products will look like this. We also don't know anything about internals, but it seems like a brand new look would fit with those brand new Sandy Bridge chips Intel is about to push out. Oh man, CAD is gonna be so much fun next year.

[Thanks, Stephen F.]