PS3 to start streaming ITV and Channel 4 content in the UK this week

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|12.13.10

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PS3 to start streaming ITV and Channel 4 content in the UK this week
Our British mates aboard the VOD ship may look a little cheerier today as The Guardian reports both ITV and Channel 4 -- two of the nation's foremost commercial channels -- are bringing their video catchup services to the PlayStation 3. The ITV Player and 4OD have been available as web-based services for a while, but they've both now agreed deals with Sony, who projects their overall traffic will improve by around 10 percent as a result. ITV's leaving the door wide open for adding its content to "other consoles," web-connected TVs, and tablets like the iPad, whereas Channel 4 has found Microsoft unforthcoming about Xbox 360 deals and the Wii inhospitable because it doesn't support advertising. For its part, Sony's clearly making a big content push, having recently welcomed Lovefilm into the fold and completed the rollout of its Qriocity on-demand facility across Europe. Does anyone even play games on these things anymore?
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