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Samsung Vibrant gets official Froyo update on Bell (sorry, T-Mobile customers)

Those promised December Froyo updates for Canada's Galaxy S models? Yeah, they've started hitting -- or at least one of them has. Owners of Bell's Vibrant are the first to get hooked up, though you'll need to use Sammy's Kies desktop software to facilitate the setup -- they're not doing over-the-air updates for some reason we won't even pretend to understand. Interestingly, the support page for the update process says that both Rogers' Captivate and Telus' Fascinate are having their updates tested as we speak and that they are "working on a release for later in December 2010," which goes against an earlier statement that the Fascinate wouldn't get 2.2 until "early 2011." But hey, if they beat that estimate, who are we to complain?

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