Novatel's MiFi 4082 is the WiMAX-capable hotspot the Overdrive has been dreading

Sprint's Overdrive from Sierra Wireless has been handling the WiMAX mobile hotspot duties on Sprint for most of this year, but it's been walking that road alone. Novatel, which took the mobile hotspot concept mainstream with its venerable MiFi line -- has been absent from the 4G race so far... but it looks like that's about to change. We just witnessed a so-called MiFi 4082 earn an FCC filing a few minutes ago, offering both CDMA / EV-DO and WiMAX in a single package, presumably prepping for a launch on Sprint to either replace or supplement the Overdrive. Considering the Overdrive's size, stability, and boot time, another entrant would be more than welcome -- and if Novatel can stuff all these radios into a package no larger or heavier than the original MiFi, we'll submit that they probably have a winner on their hands. Stay tuned for an announcement on this one -- CES, perhaps?