US Army Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications program putting smartphones in soldiers' hands this February

Earlier this year, DARPA put out RFIs with an eye on developing military apps and an app store for iOS and Android, and now the US Army's Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications (CSDA) program will put handsets, network equipment, and other equipment including tablets, e-readers, and pico projectors into the hands of the First Army Brigade this February. Additionally, the Army plans to start issuing Common Access Card (the ID cards used to log on to DoD computers and networks) readers for the iPhone in January and for Android in April. According to Rickey Smith of the Army Capabilities Integration Center, "We're not wedded to a specific piece of hardware. We are open to using Palm Trios, the Android, iPhone or whatever else is out there." But we must admit -- we are encouraged that this time around you haven't mentioned Celio's REDFLY.