DirecTV survey hints at NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV, Boxee and Roku players?

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DirecTV survey hints at NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV, Boxee and Roku players?
Marketing research surveys have proven a good source for yet-to-be-announced information in the past and a recent one by DirecTV may be a good sign for those who prefer their NFL Sunday Ticket over the internet instead of satellite. According to a tipster, some of the questions asking about potential pricing setups indicated the digital version would be available via currently unsupported devices including internet connected Blu-ray players & TVs, "game machines," Apple TV, Roku and Boxee. Another new wrinkle is a $19.99 per weekend pricing plan for streaming NFL Sunday Ticket access among other options. Currently, Sunday Ticket streams in HD to PCs and a bevy of mobile platforms (even without DirecTV's TV service), but it's possible we could see that list expand to several if not all connected TV platforms in the near future -- assuming this isn't just pie in the sky dreaming of course. The NBA, NHL and MLB already play ball with some but not all of the streaming set-top boxes, if the NFL follows them by adding alternate viewing options -- assuming a new labor deal is reached and we actually see football played in late 2011 -- would it make you more likely to subscribe?

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