Sifteo Cubits launching next year; still really cute

We've been tracking the MIT-originated Siftables so far with grudgingly bemused expressions on our cynical, internet-hardened faces. Now we find out they're called Sifteo Cubits, and they've got a slated release for the first quarter of next year. Sure, sure, we can keep it together. But then we saw this adorable press shot, and the callouses just fell right off our hardened blogger hearts. The 1.5-inch LCD-equipped blocks, which can sense motion and proximity while communicating with each other wirelessly, are going to be mostly used for games initially, though the possibilities seem endless -- and endlessly quirky. At $149 it might be a hard sell for most, but Sifteo had us at "pixel art." We should know more in January when Sifteo makes the full unveil.