Twitter's 2010 Most Retweeted list includes Colbert, Gaga, and Bieber, reminds us how boring we all are

Twitter has released a list of the top ten re-tweeted Twitterers for 2010. Yes, it was a landmark year in which Colbert -- who takes home the top prize -- made a funny about the oil spill, Drake said something vaguely wise, Lil Wayne announced his return from prison, Bieber said something we couldn't be bothered to translate, fake Al Qaeda knew what was up with geo-location, Joe Jonas made fun of someone with less cred than himself, Lady Gaga reavowed her freakdom, Kanye said he was sorry to Taylor Lautner for calling him a wimp, Rihanna made fun of someone with less cred than herself, and some random person's dad said some mildly amusing stuff. Yup, that about sums it up.