China launches state-sponsored, Twitter-esque Red Microblog, Kanye West already has the most followers

China has launched a state-sponsored micro-blogging site which is apparently identical to Twitter, except that it's run by the Chinese government, of course. The brand new social network, named Red Microblog, is run by a local propaganda department in Chongqing and its purpose is to promote the official revolutionary spirit of the Chinese government. So far, the messages seem to be living up to that ideal: "I really like the words by Chairman Mao that 'the world is ours; we should work together'," microblogged Bo Xilai, a local party secretary. Of course, Red Microblog does has not yet suffered from the inevitable influx of celebrities with inane aphorisms to dish out, b-listers hawking diet scams, and of course -- people talking about their lunches, the weather, and whether or not Tron is going to totally rule. Come to thing of it, Red Microblog sounds pretty awesome. For now.