LG 'B' Android phone caught in the wild, looking thin and ready to spank S-AMOLED (update: confirmed)

We're still coming down from that rush of adrenaline that accompanied the launch of the dual-core Optimus 2X last night, but we've had a hunch lately that LG is planning on taking Android very seriously in 2011 -- seriously enough to have something even sexier than the 2X up its sleeve. Looks like that sexiness could be delivered in the form of a device codenamed "B," shots of which have been delivered to Phandroid in a direct comparison with the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S -- two handsets we're sure LG would love to embarrass. As you can see up there, the screen's looking pretty insane, especially when you consider that those other two phones in the picture have arguably the best displays in the mobile business right now; it's claimed to offer 700 nits of brightness, a 40 percent improvement over the Galaxy S. Oh, and if that doesn't impress you, Phandroid's tipster has also sent in a shot of the edge that appears to make the 9.3mm iPhone 4 look downright chubby. No word on a release date for the B just yet.

Update: LG's decided to dispense with the mystery and has shot out a tweet confirming the B's existence and inviting us all to come check it out at CES 2011. We'll be sure to do just that.