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Navigon's MobileNavigator 1.7 update adds universal iPad integration, Retina Display support, and more

We've maintained for quite some time that Navigon's MobileNavigator app was leaps and bounds better than most of the similarly priced alternatives, and if you just so happen to already own it, you can look forward to a rather sizable update this morning. The newest build -- which should be percolating through the iTunes tunnels as we speak -- takes things to v1.7, and it essentially includes a half-dozen new features: universal iPad integration, Zagat Survey, Active Lane Assistant, Map Reporter, enhanced Retina Display support and new user notifications. Furthermore, the outfit's announcing a series of free single-feature apps for the iPhone in 2011, with help2park launching today; as you might imagine, this one assists in finding a parking space nearby, and it's being offered gratis. The outfit has alerted us that all MobileNavigator US MyRegion apps should see the update right about now, while the USA and North America versions will "follow soon." Oh, and if you're curious about those new add-ons, the Zagat will cost you $7.99 (it's on sale at the moment for $5.99), Traffic Live will run $19.99 and the Panorama View 3D tacks on another $9.99. The full skinny is just after the break, per usual.

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NAVIGON Announces iPad Customization and Zagat Survey® Integration for iPhone Navigation App

Including a Total of Six New Functions, MobileNavigator Update 1.7.0 Also Adds Active Lane Assistant, Enhanced Retina Display Support, Map Reporter and User Notifications

Hamburg, Germany, December 16, 2010 - NAVIGON AG, a leading provider of mobile phone on-board navigation, today announced the seventh update for its iPhone app MobileNavigator, the most feature-rich navigation solution on the iPhone platform. The update adds a total of six new features and is already available now for all NAVIGON MobileNavigator US MyRegion apps. It will follow soon for the USA and North America versions. The update adds a total of six new features. MobileNavigator is now optimized to run natively on the iPad , making use of the larger display and the user interface of the device. Integration of Zagat Surveys premium ratings and reviews for thousands of restaurants, and other leisure activities are available through an In App Purchase. The market first Active Lane Assistant shows drivers exactly which lane to choose in a moving on-screen animation. NAVIGON also adopted the apps graphics to iPhone 4 Retina display. Further additions include a new Map Reporter function and the option for user notifications.

NAVIGON's updated version provides our over one million app users with the latest navigation technology from NAVIGON's development labs, said Gerhard Mayr, vice-president worldwide mobile phones & new markets, NAVIGON. By transforming MobileNavigator into a universal app, optimized for both the iPhone and the iPad, premium features and content offerings are available across platforms. Instead of having a separate app for the iPad, we decided to develop one app that runs natively across both devices without extra cost for our dedicated customers.

MobileNavigator 1.7.0 brings the following additions to the NAVIGON iPhone app:

-Universal iPad Integration: NAVIGON is the first major GPS Company to make navigation universal; it now runs natively on the iPhone and the iPad. Users with MobileNavigator installed can use the app on both devices without extra charges. The app utilizes the iPad's large display and user interface with a higher resolution, and new menus. Route planning is convenient on the iPad, showing a large scrollable, multi-touch map to select destinations in simple taps. Users can plan their routes at home on the iPad and then send them to their iPhone for navigation on the go. MobileNavigator can also be used for navigation on the iPad. Capitalizing on the large screen, the app demonstrates Reality View Pro and the map view side-by-side, providing an accurate overview of the way ahead. In-map elements such as direction arrows, Lane and Speed Assistant symbols are designed in proportion to the iPad display size.

-Zagat Survey: An In App Purchase offers access to Zagat's signature ratings and reviews of over 40,000 restaurants, hotels, attractions, golf courses, nightspots and other leisure activities, based on the thoughts and opinions of a worldwide network of thousands of surveyors. Zagat has become the world's most trusted source to help consumers make informed decisions about where to go. Zagat's content is integrated into MobileNavigator’s point of interest search, so users can easily find locations within a city, state or nearby. A tap on the individual destination reveals further information such as ratings of the appeal, decor and service as well as prices, telephone numbers and the full review text.

-Active Lane Assistant: The market first feature Active Lane Assistant assists drivers with getting and staying in the correct lane by showing a live lane animation. Displayed in the lower right corner of the map view, the animation reflects the current lane configuration and allows drivers to see ahead. An orange line indicates the way the driver should follow. The optional feature can be switched on or off.

-Map Reporter: The new Map Reporter feature enables users with the power to store changed road names, new speed limits, and one-way streets and submit them to improve the accuracy of future maps. The information is checked, verified and then integrated into later map updates.

-Retina Display Support: Retina display adaptation is further enhanced and now also shows the map, map fonts and POIs in high resolution.

-User Notifications and Newsletter: The update now also allows users to receive on-screen messages with important information about MobileNavigator within the app. In addition, users can also sign up for a newsletter and receive exclusive offers and first hand information by email.

MobileNavigator transforms the iPhone into an inclusive navigation device that saves the maps on the phone and relies on the GPS receiver, independent from a cell or wireless signal. It is the most feature rich on-board navigation application, featuring premium functions such as Traffic Live, Clever Parking, Reality View™ Pro, Panorama View 3D, NAVIGON MyRoutes, Live Weather, Connection to Facebook and Twitter, branded in-route POI’s and much more. NAVIGON’s iPhone app has been the top-grossing app several times in 29 different App Stores around the globe, including the U.S.

Pricing and Availability
NAVIGON’s North American apps and selected In App Purchases are up to 30 percent off until January 6, 2011. The promotional offerings are below next to the regular prices.

MobileNavigator North America $59.99 (on sale for $44.99)
MobileNavigator USA: $49.99 (on sale for $34.99)
MobileNavigator Canada: $49.99 (on sale for $34.99)
MobileNavigator US MyRegion East, Central or West: $29.99, additional regions $14.99. (first region on sale for $24.99)

In App Purchases
Zagat Survey Ratings and Reviews: $7.99 (on sale for $5.99)
Traffic Live: $19.99
Panorama View 3D: $9.99

MobileNavigator 1.7.0 is compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G and iPad 3G. The app also runs on first generation iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad WLAN, but third party accessories for GPS reception are required for these devices. *iOS4 multitasking is supported by the iPhone 4 and 3GS only.

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