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How to pronounce ASUS (video)

How to pronounce ASUS (video)
Richard Lai
Richard Lai|@richardlai|December 17, 2010 4:38 PM
A-suh-ss? Ah-sue-ss? As-ses? Nope, all wrong. We've been informed by ASUS that its head honcho has recently set a new rule in an attempt to rid our frustration, so what used to be "Ah-seuss" is now "A-seuss" (or "Eh-SUS" according to Taiwanese phonetics, as pictured). The logic behind this? Apparently it's a direct chop from the pronunciation of "pegasus" -- the origin of the company's name -- which ironically seems to favor the former diction. Anyhow, let's not confuse ourselves any further and just study this lovely lady's video demo after the break.

The correct pronunciation:

The old pronunciation:

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