How would you change the T-Mobile G2?

Outside of the Nexus One (and recently-launched Nexus S, of course), T-Mobile's G2 is about as close as one can get to stock build of Android. 'Course, it's now a point release behind Gingerbread, but we're hoping that'll be remedied in short order. Outside of that, we're curious to know how you'd change the slip-sliding Android phone if given the schematics and the ability to start over from scratch. By and large, we felt that HTC nailed the design, but of course, everyone's capable of seeing things in a slightly different light. What would you tweak about the G2 if given the choice? Change up the keyboard? Offer it on AT&T or a CDMA carrier? Throw in a row of LEDs along the left edge, just for kicks? All (reasonable) ideas are welcome in comments below -- you never know who'll be tuning in.