TUAW's Daily App: Tron Legacy

Yes, the new Tron Legacy movie is out this weekend, and if you haven't heard about it yet, you probably will soon. There has been a free promotional app out for a while now (and it actually has a few little games to play with), but Disney has also released an official Tron Legacy game, now available on the App Store. This one's a full-fledged 3D game, featuring a Light Cycle racing mode along with an on-rails shooting mode that puts you behind a "Recognizer" (one of the big ships they fly around in the movie).

The games in this one work pretty well, though the app itself is a little disappointing -- there's no real storyline or overarching campaign to the map you play through. You're basically just competing in a series of events (and even those are pretty inexplicable -- why are you piloting a Recognizer and racing Light Cycles?). But as a US 99 cent game, it's not bad, and the Tron stylings are enough to remind you how awesome the movie is.

The app is universal and even has Game Center integration to track achievements (That's a first for a Disney mobile game; it's good to see them endorse Apple's social gaming network.) If you're looking for a nugget of official Tron goodness on iOS, the game is worth checking out.