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Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

Answering reader questions, flailing wildly with a plank. Just another day at the office.

Kyle asked:
I'm considering leveling my shaman from 80 to 85 first. Which of the two new starting zones (Hyjal or Vashj'ir) provide the best lore experience for a shaman, or at least the most rep with the Earthen Ring?

There's no real shaman content in Hyjal; it's all druids all the time there. Vashj'ir, on the other hand, has you interacting and working with the Earthen Ring for pretty much any non-"Bring us food, it's cold and wet down here" quests.

Katie asked:

Help! I use your mobile site all day since it's blocked on my work computer. But yesterday and today, when I visit on my phone, it takes me to the normal, non-mobile website. Any idea how I can fix this?

Clearing your phone browser's cache and cookies should fix it.

Daynethebold asked:

Would it be possible for The Queue or WoW Insider to compile a list of prominent WoW blogs according to category? General, warrior, paladin ... etc. Something to go along with the Daily Quest.

Commenter DjLionheart nailed this one, but for those who missed it, we already have one!

Themightysven asked:

When I first got tired of being on a PvP server, transfers to normal servers were not allowed. But a recent blue post said people could transfer now. Which is it?

You could always transfer from a PvP server to a PvE server, it was just impossible to do it the opposite way. That changed a long time ago, though. You can go wherever you want from wherever you want as long as the servers are in the same region; that is, no transferring from a US server to an EU server.

Hollow Leviathan asked:

Question: Is there any indication that the Dragonmaw are anything but absurdly evil? All I know about them is that they enslaved the Red Dragonflight and are now coldly invading and murdering Wildhammer dwarves. Worse, they're BLOWING up their BOOZE.

The Dragonmaw are definitely bad eggs, but I have to hand it to Garrosh -- recruiting them is actually a pretty sound strategy. After all, when the world's biggest enemy is a dragon, who better to have on your side than the world's best dragonslayers?

Xantenise asked:

My arcane mage has this on his mastery skill: "Each point of mastery increases damage done by up to an additional 1.5%."

I'm confused. I have way more points of mastery than the 16% extra damage (12% without mastery points) would suggest -- my robes alone have 110. What's up? Does each point of mastery only give a random amount or what? I'm so confused.

Like any secondary stat in the game, mastery is given to you in the form of rating. The amount of rating required to acquire one point of mastery goes up as you level; at level 85, it takes roughly 178 mastery rating from gear to give you one point of mastery.

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