Parental supervision shocker! iPad use leads to costly in-app Smurfberry orders

After the Soviet Union collapsed, many of its so-called satellite states had to struggle to find ways to keep afloat -- none more so than Smurf Village, that bastion of communal living where everyone looks nearly identical, has the same surname, and works "according to his ability" (and in return lives "according to his needs"). How has Papa Smurf and Co. survived in the post-Soviet geopolitical climate? It seems that Capcom's Smurfs' Village game for iOS might be free, but the in-app purchases will cost you dearly. Actually, it's the in-app purchases that your pre-literate toddlers make that will cost you dearly. And this is a lesson that a lot of parents are finding out, according to a recent AP article, which notes that "warnings may alert parents, but it's doubtful that they'd deter children who can't read and don't understand money." Sure, Smurfberries may grow freely on magical trees, but a virtual wheelbarrow full of 'em will run you $60.