Prototype Pleo motion capture exoskeleton up for grabs: $2,400 OBO

Still haven't nailed down the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life? Shame on you. Just kidding. But on the real, if you've got $2,397.99 and a lust for robotics, there's hardly a better buy available right now than this. The concoction you're peering at above isn't apt to go on sale to the general public again anytime soon, as it's a rare prototype motion capture exoskeleton that was used by (the now-defunct) Ugobe in the creation of Pleo. Word has it that this suit was vital to the R&D efforts surrounding the first edition of the outfit's robotic dinosaur, with one Caleb Chung fitting in and hulking about as computers analyzed and recorded movements. So far as we can tell, all of the circuits and wires are still here, meaning that you actually could use this for R&D of your own provided you had the right equipment to read it. Unfortunately, it'll cost a small fortune to ship a 350 pound crate anywhere outside of the continental US, but for those of you currently living overseas... well, here's your excuse to relocate.

[Thanks, Colin]