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Sony says Google TV sales meeting expectations, TV division working more closely with Google than cellphone group

It's been mostly bad news about content blocks for Google TV since the platform launched in late October, but it sounds like Sony's staying optimistic: Hiroshi Yoshioka, head of the company's TV division, told the New York Times that Sony's Google TV sales have been "in line with expectations," and that "it might take a little longer for users to really start having fun" with the new platform. What's more, Yoshioka also said Sony's TV group and Google collaborate more on Google TV devices than Sony Ericsson and Google do on Android phones, which sounds insane to us -- but perhaps not entirely surprising, given that the Xperia X8 is only just getting Android 2.1.

Of course, all this cheerleading from Sony comes against the backdrop of Google asking TV manufacturers to delay several planned CES Google TV product introductions while it reworks the software and tries to negotiate with the networks on continued content blocks, so "expectations" could mean almost anything, really -- especially since Yoshioka didn't provide any hard Google TV sales numbers and later said that Sony's TV business would fail to meet its targets and struggle to become profitable this year. Ouch. We've got a feeling we'll be hearing more about all this at CES one way or another -- stay tuned.