Comcast's quad-tuner Xfinity Spectrum DVR with internet access revealed by the FCC

Say hello to the future of DVRs, at least from Comcast, as its as-yet unannounced Xfinity Spectrum box passed through the FCC's database shortly after having its existence revealed by the Wall Street Journal. A quick peek at the production-ready manual reveals there's plenty of new features here, including a new guide design including IMDB-style cast & crew info as well as access to internet services. While it's hardware makes this Pace RNG-210n a 500GB HD DVR with four tuners, MoCA and IP access, one of the biggest changes is a software makeover means it pops up notifications prompted by your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Configurable at, it looks like it will only pull in information when people you follow share pictures, video, or link to info about TV shows and movies, with "most" viewable right on the box itself, plus the option to share what you're watching on those services. There's less details available about that "apps" section of the menu but weather, traffic, music and games are promised, take a quick peek at the most interesting sections including a look at the guide, remote and box in our gallery or check out the FCC filings yourself for more details -- it's hard to tell if the changes will make all our issues with cable provided set tops go away, but pretty much any new guide has to be better than what's there now, right?

[Thanks, cypherstream]