Dance Central adding Rihanna, Janet Jackson and Blur DLC

Harmonix, look -- we gotta talk. Last DLC pack? It was some good stuff. Great songs, great routines -- we loved it. But these three new tracks coming to Dance Central tomorrow, December 21, for 240 Microsoft Points ($3) each? We're at a loss.

What moves, exactly, will we be prompted to pull off? The "Creepy Guy Spinning the Wheel," as seen in Rihanna's "Disturbia" video? Or what about the "Wear a T-Shirt Describing Your State of Mind or Geographical Location," as made famous by Blur's "Girls and Boys" ... in 1994? Dare we dream of doing the "Well-Off Teenager Making Millions and Living at Home with her Parents Shows the Courage to Persevere," just like Janet showed us in "Control?"