Microsoft: over 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices sold to carriers and retailers

Microsoft has decided to finally dish out some sales figures for its new Windows Phone 7 platform, but alas, these are not the sales figures we are looking for. Instead of giving us the juicy number of actual devices sold to end users, the Redmond crew has provided a neatly rounded figure of 1.5 million sales to mobile operators and retailers. That tells us that the mobile industry is cautiously buying into Microsoft's new OS, and it'd be foolish not to, but it doesn't really educate us on the relative success of the platform's launch -- 1.5 million units is a tiny, tiny number when you consider the platform launched on 10 devices on over 60 carriers in over 30 countries. All that Microsoft's Achim Berg would say is that early sales have been "in line" with expectations.