Pentax K-5 review roundup: solid but pricey upgrade from the K-7

Pentax's K-5 DSLR has been around for a little while now, but it's only just recently received enough reviews to establish something of a critical consensus. The short of it is that the camera largely addresses most of the criticisms leveled at the K-7 it's replacing -- namely, lackluster image quality and poor high ISO performance in particular -- but those improvements come at a fairly hefty cost. The K-7 costs about $300 more than the Nikon D7000, which Digital Photography Review notes has a similar sensor but a "significantly more versatile AF system." Photography Blog also came to some similar conclusions, but notes that the "headline-grabbing top-speed of 512000 is frankly unusable," and suggests that Pentax should have simply followed Nikon's lead and capped things at 25600. Despite that high price and some minor issues, however, DP Review says the camera is a "no-brainer" upgrade for current Pentax users, but obviously still something of a tough sell for Canon or Nikon users. Hit up the links below for some additional takes on the camera.

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