Ambiscience creates Music for Users, an homage to Tron

ambiscience music for users app

The AmbiScience Music for Users app has been on the store long before the movie was released this month, but watching the movie over the weekend reminded me of it. Tesla Software, makers of the AmbiScience apps create several audio entrainment products for inducing sleep, giving you more energy, etc. They all work about the same, and each features an interesting line up of electronic music to zone out on. But the Music for Users version is now my favorite, with songs such as Cycle Chase 010 and Aboard the Solar Sail clearly tying into the hype around Tron: Legacy.

These types of apps work off the concept of audio entrainment but this component is optional. You are first prompted to choose a selection of music, then you can add audio entrainment options for energy, focus or sleep (these noises are frequency-based hums designed to stimulate parts of your brain). You can adjust the mix between the entrainment sounds and the music, and save presets. Plus, there's a sleep timer. It's quite simple to use. While there is research behind audio-visual entrainment, I have found these are just as effective as pzizz or even Naturespace. In other words, it's another noise generation app that'll help put you to sleep if you need one. Does it help with focus or energy? In my limited testing I can say "maybe." Your results may vary. The music, luckily, is pretty good!

For US$0.99 this is a fun and potentially useful app for your iPhone or iPod touch (the app runs on iPad as well but isn't native). If you want a sound generator and you love Tron, it's an easy recommendation.