Bang & Olufsen adds WiFi to Beo6 remote control, doesn't think to mention it

It wasn't easy, but we finally managed to spot a few differences between the old Beo5 remote control and Bang & Olufsen's new Beo6 that just appeared on B&O's pages. To start with, the hyperbolic product page for the controller is a word-for-word copy of the old, only with each instance of a "5" replaced with a "6." The user guide doesn't provide much assistance either stating that the "Beo6 is fully compatible with Beo5" right down to using the exact same menus and controls. So what's new? Well, the new "wireless setup" chapter seems to be a clue indicating that the Beo6 can connect to your WiFi network to enable 2-way control with other Bang & Olufsen products supporting 2-way communication -- naturally, these aren't listed and any configuration of the controller will have to be done by a B&O retailer. We did manage to dig up an old article from BeoWorld claiming that the Beo6 would feature a touch (not pressure like the Beo5) sensitive widescreen display to show information like cover art and tag data just as soon as B&O's BeoSound 4 Encore and BeoSound 5 could support it. While this kind of product perplexity would be a knock against any other mainstream consumer electronic remote, B&O owners can rest easy knowing that their man servant will sort it all out.