Chrome for a Cause results tabulated: good will all around (but mostly for vaccinations)

Did you join in Chrome for a Cause? The $1 million tab-heavy campaign has come and gone (with a 250 tab per day maximum, much to our click-frenzied dismay), and Google's tallied up the final scores. Of the nearly 60.6 million tabs "donated", 16.2m went for vaccinations, 14.8m tabs for trees, 14.1m for water... 8.6m for books and 6.8m for shelter. Bit of an interesting disparity, there. Were those two not as well presented in the contribution menu? Did the return (0.4 square feet per day at most) not seem as great as the number of trees you could plant? Google eBooks? It's all still a good chunk of change for each of the five partnering charities. Full breakdown at the Chrome blog -- and don't deactivate that extension if you want to maximize your Reddit addiction for the next charitable go-around.