Motorola seeks 'Xoom' trademark around the world, could well be the name of its Android tablet

The guys over at Pocketnow have been doing their intellectual property homework lately and they've uncovered an atypically broad trademarking effort being carried out by Motorola. The Droid maker has sought to be associated with the term "Xoom" in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and even Taiwan, signifying that whatever the company intends to do with the name will play a pretty significant role in its future plans. The category applied for is defined as "Mobile computers and related accessories," which really narrows things down to the one device Moto has in its labs that everyone's talking about: its Android Honeycomb tablet. All this legal team activity seems to point to its name being the Motorola Xoom, but there's still time for minds to change and branding to be revised. Hey, at least we know what the logo will look like.