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The WoW Factor: How much do you know about the players behind the avatars?

How much do you think you know about your fellow WoW gamers? WoW Insider brings you this exclusive quiz designed by MMORPG researcher Nick Yee, based on actual U.S. data from the PARC PlayOn 2.0 study linking player survey data with their armory data.

Think you know what players are really like? Come find out what your WoW Factor is. (Answers and conclusions following the quiz.)

1. The average age of WoW players is:

a. 18
b. 24
c. 30
d. 36

2. Which of these groups of players is most likely to be gender-bending?

a. younger women (<30)
b. older women (>30)
c. younger men (<30)
d. older men (> 30)

3. When you meet a female character in WoW, what's the likelihood that it is being played by a man?

a. about 25%
b. about 50%
c. about 75%
d. almost 100%

4. What's the most popular race in terms of character creation?

a. human
b. night elf
c. blood elf
d. undead

5. When comparing achievement scores, which category do older players tend to focus on the most?

a. PvP
b. dungeons
c. world events
d. professions

6. Do female players give out more hugs (i.e., the /hug emote) in game than male players?

a. Male players give out more hugs.
b. No difference
c. Female players give out more hugs.

7. You can fall to your death in WoW, and the armory keeps track of these. Which of the following factors is most highly correlated with a player's number of falls to death?

a. Arathi Basin BG participation
b. sensation-seeking (personality measure on survey)
c. extraversion (personality measure)

8. You can calculate someone's "neediness" by dividing their number of need rolls by their total number of rolls. Do you think younger players are more likely to roll need?

a. Younger players more likely to roll need.
b. No difference
c. Older players more likely to roll need.

9. Which two classes below are most favored by men?

a. paladins and hunters
b. mages and warlocks
c. druids and shaman
d. death knights and rogues

10. People often assume that women prefer to play healers. Do you think there's any truth behind this claim?

a. Men are much more likely to play healers.
b. No difference
c. Women are much more likely to play healers.