A better sidekick than Robin for sure: DCUO reveals Ms. Harley Quinn

Who's more terrifying than The Joker? For our money, it's the woman who's become so infatuated with him that she's turned to a life of insane crime just to win his approval. Initially, The Joker's psychiatrist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, fell hard for the clown prince and hasn't looked back since. A new jester-themed wardrobe, a punny take on her name, and the rest became history.

While we've seen the villain Harley Quinn in some of DC Universe Online's screenshots already, it's great to hear the official announcement of this fan favorite in the game. From her pictures, it seems as though Harley's favorite weapon is a giant carnival mallet, a combination of the cartoonish and deadly.

Villain characters will have the opportunity to assist Harley Quinn in her nefarious schemes once DCUO launches next month.