8mm Vintage Camera app will make your vids look older, more retro, and way, way cooler

You know who you are, hipsters. You're the kind of person who isn't satisfied with merely taking a photo of your Pabst Blue Ribbon with your iPhone 4: you have to make it old timey before you Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, print it out and mail a physical copy of it to your best friend from the third grade... oh wait, that last one's just us. Well, you're in luck: you can now pretend like your brand new, high def videos are also from the olden days, just like your faux old timey photos. The new app, called 8mm Vintage Camera will add dust particles, scratches and age for you in seconds via a fun set of 'unique' filters. Sounds like a hoot, right? It's available for $2 in the app store right now for iOS devices. You know you want it. Video demo after the break.