AT&T releases dramatic anti-texting while driving documentary

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|12.27.10

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AT&T releases dramatic anti-texting while driving documentary
We're not sure how many more times it must be said, but seriously people -- stop texting on your cellphone while operating a gigantic vehicle at high speeds. If you're not already convinced that driving a car and trying to tap out a message on a tiny keyboard (or heaven forbid, no keyboard at all) is a poor match, perhaps the short documentary AT&T has just released will convince you otherwise. The carrier is launching a campaign geared towards teens over the holidays leading up to New Year's Eve in the hopes that the youth of the world will be slightly less sure of their invincibility -- at least where car driving and text messaging is concerned. Sure, the video (located after the break) borders on sentimentality at times, but we'll take a little heavy-handedness over the injury or death of human beings simply because someone couldn't wait to tell someone else that they'd be there soon. Trust us, your friends aren't that worried about punctuality.

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