Eutelsat's Ka-Sat blasts off for adventure and good uplink speeds (video)

Eutelsat's Ka-Sat blasts off from Kazakhstan, looking for adventure and good uplink speeds (video)

Oh, look at you Europe, with your white Christmas blizzards and your fancy satellites. All proud and bragging as your second internet-beaming vehicle in as many months rockets off into orbital oblivion. Following November's Hylas 1 is Ka-Sat, using the same spotbeam technology to rain down limited, focused areas of connectivity that are a couple-hundred kilometers across, allowing better management of overall satellite bandwidth. Hylas 1 used its beams to cover areas across the UK and Eastern Europe, while Ka-Sat will cover more areas of Europe and also hit parts of the Middle East. Maximum speeds offered to subscribers will be 10Mbps down, 4Mbps up, but with only 900Mbps on tap total per beam we're thinking that could get a little slower on Saturday nights. Obligatory countdown and blastoff video below.