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Cowon D3 Plenue PMP runs Android, looks like a phone, totally isn't

Ever find yourself wanting a phone that, you know, couldn't make calls? Welcome to the Cowon D3 Plenue, an Android-having PMP that looks so good we want to press it to our cheeks and say "Hello." Sadly there'd be nobody there, nobody but up to 32GB of Britney, Katy, Mandy, and whoever else you'd like stored on microSD and played back over a 3.7-inch, 800 x 480 AMOLED. That display isn't capable of doing your 1080p files justice, but the PMP itself is, and with HDMI output it can send that footage to an external panel. There's also WiFi, a T-DMB tuner, Bluetooth, and even an accelerometer. In case you're wondering it's Android 2.1 hiding behind that skin and, while Cowon promises "Apps," we're a little doubtful they'll be of the Market variety.