Nissan hopes to fill Leaf orders by summer 2011, we wonder if things will ever be warm again

With Nissan's Leaf rolling into the driveways of a lucky few early birds we're already getting a better look into what the little thing can do. Now we're getting a better idea of when everyone else might get theirs. In a Mercury News story Nissan spokesman Tim Gallagher indicated that the company is working hard to fill those driveways, saying "By the end of summer, our goal is to have everyone in their car." That is, of course, just a goal, and we all know how these goals can go when it comes to delivering cars on time. But, it is at least more or less in line with the company's earlier goal of 25,000 cars shipped to here by the end of next year. Good news for those who have ordered? Yes, mostly, but it's also bad news for anyone who's thinking of signing up for one now: with Nissan's initial batch of orders filled it's anyone's guess when we'll be getting more.