Barnes & Noble Nook trademark applications offer speculation fodder aplenty

So you're Barnes & Noble and you have a successful product like the Nook -- what do you do? Trademark the heck out of the name, of course. As PocketNow has noted, the company's filed a number of Nook-related trademark applications over the past few months, which may offer some hints of future Nook hardware, software, or both. That unsurprisingly includes an application for "Nook2," which was first filed back in June, as well one for the name "Nook Smart" (possibly related to the existing Nook Study education platform?), and one for the impossibly catchy "Nook Cook." Unfortunately, it's not clear which (if any) of those might actually be the name of a new Nook device -- there's also a trademark application for "Nook Kids" with a description similar to "Nook2," for instance, but it may well just be for the company's Nook Kids store and iPad app. The most recent of all the filings is one for "Nooksellers," which appears to be for a combination in-store kiosk and online service that would offer personalized recommendations and various social networking tie-ins. Of course, there's nothing more than the trademark applications to go on at the moment, but it does certainly seem clear that the Nook name is here to stay.