Fujifilm explains how its X100 hybrid viewfinder works, we nod and pretend to understand

If you just tried to tell us the FinePix X100 was a bog standard digital camera, we'd still probably pay any price for those amazing retro looks, but Fujifilm has more in mind. Specifically, the X100 harbors an all-new viewfinder setup, that can switch between a full-on optical view (something that's currently impossible in similarly sized Micro Four Thirds cameras), and an electronic viewfinder. The optical mode also includes overlaid shooting data, which isn't typical for a straight compact viewfinder (since it's looking through its own lens, not the camera's main lens). You'll have to read Fujifilm's full-on explanation to really know what's going on here -- it gets a little technical -- but basically there's a half mirror prism that lets the mini LCD project info on top of the optical image that's coming through to your eye, but that half mirror prism becomes a straight up mirror when the viewfinder's front lens is blocked, allowing for a full electronic image of the actual image being captured by the lens to bounce to your eye. See? That wasn't so difficult. We don't know what we were so worried about.