New Jim Brown interview talks Stargate Worlds

Fan website has posted the second part of its two-part interview with Jim Brown, one of the principle figures in the development of the troubled Stargate Worlds MMORPG. Alongside colleagues Todd Ellering and Daryl Wofford, Brown pitched the original idea for the sci-fi MMO to MGM way back in 2002, and went on to serve as the creative director at Dark Comet Games.

The first part of the interview lays out the working relationship between the original team and controversial fundraiser Gary Whiting, as well as a bit of background on Cheyenne Mountain's troubles and the formation of Dark Comet. Part two touches on Brown's views regarding the current licensing situation, how close Stargate Worlds came to actually releasing, and what fans can do to make their voices heard for the future of the Stargate gaming franchise.

"Let them [MGM] know you want Stargate games. That's the biggest thing. If CME can manage to succeed with SGW and SGR, that's great, and that means not only will you have those games to play, but there will be more that follow from other studios," Brown says.