Nokia 3700 Classic: the curved Series 40 candybar that never was?

Samsung's Nexus S might be the phone that helps take the convex style mainstream, but it's hardly the first -- take Motorola's crazy UIQ-equipped Z8 and Z10 "banana phones," for example. Looks like Nokia had at one time planned to introduce a slick curved candybar to the market, too -- the so-called 3700 Classic -- thanks to a video posted on Vimeo that has all the trappings of a professionally-produced teaser ad. The operating system appears to be Series 40, slotting it below the company's Symbian fare and putting it in dumbphone territory. Word on the street is that this thing was probably canceled -- and though we can't get too excited about a Series 40 candybar, this could've been the pinnacle of Espoo's Series 40 line had it actually made it to market. Follow the break for the full video.