Homemade robot has boring name, but likes to party

Is all that bottle-poppin' and drink-serving getting in the way of you releasing your inner party animal this New Year's Eve? Fear not, dear readers, for our friends from Japan have built yet another humanoid service robot, only this time it was constructed using "off the shelf parts." While we're skeptical that the 'Shack has everything needed to build one of these for your stateside soiree, the THKR-4 (as he is not-so-affectionately known) was created to perform all of your mundane party tasks like opening the fridge, pouring drinks, and greeting guests. The robot won't be entertaining guests with a dance routine or kissing you at midnight, but it can give you a back-rub to keep you relaxed when that inevitable 'party foul' ruins your leather couch. Check out the video after the break to see the 'bot do its Mr. Belvedere thing.