Meizu's M9 launch amasses thousands of Jack Wong fans across China (video)

Pretty impressive, isn't it? Meizu sure has made a wise decision to launch its M9 Android Froyo phone on the first day of 2011 which, like most other countries, happens to be a public holiday in China. According to some Meizu fans (aka "Mei-yo" or literally "friends of Meizu") outside one of the two Shenzhen stores, there were already about 60 people lined up outside at around 6am. A few of them even braved the cold weather since 8pm last night, despite CEO Jack Wong actively discouraging such hustle on the forum for the sake of people's health, promising "all the flagship stores will have sufficient stock" for all pre-orderers. Meizu wasn't keen on giving us an official number, but the two Shenzhen stores alone could've easily served several thousand customers this morning. With no limit on how many units each person could pre-order (¥2,499 / $379 for 8GB, and ¥2,699 / $409 for 16GB), you can imagine Meizu's assembly lines working long hours to supply its stores from 28 other provinces in China. Meanwhile, somewhere out there, Mr. Wong is happily checking his bank account. Video after the break.