PrimeSense and Asus announce Kinect-style device for living room PCs

PrimeSense, the company that created the motion-sensing technology for Kinect, has teamed up with Asus to create a new controller-free interaction device -- this time for PC. The WAVI Xtion device is designed to enable gesture control of media center PCs in living rooms. It's similar to Kinect in a few ways, but focused on the multimedia control features instead of the game stuff.

There might still be games and other assorted programs: sometime after the Q2 launch, Asus will open an "Xtion Online Store" through which developers can sell apps designed in the Xtion PRO platform. The PRO development technology will be released in February. The WAVI Xtion device itself will be unveiled during CES, which runs from January 6 to 9.

Update: PrimeSense issued a correction regarding the linked press release. The line "The WAVI Xtion media center for the PC leverages ultra-wide band wireless link and PrimeSense 3D sensing solution to provide controller-free interaction experiences in the living room" should read "The WAVI Xtion media center for the PC leverages wireless HDMI technology and PrimeSense 3D motion sensor technology to provide controller-free experiences in the living room."