Sprint EVO Shift 4G shows up on Walmart's website, HTC teases big in Vegas

"It's not your dream phone. It's the one after that," coming January 6th. Catchy teaser from HTC, as seen displayed across the side of an entire building for all the CES attendees to see. We can't say for sure what device it's referencing, but we wouldn't be entirely surprised if it ended up being the oft-leaked sequel to its Evo 4G, aptly titled the Evo Shift 4G. Walmart's got a page up for the device, and while the listed specs are heavily contradictory (a 3.7-inch screen that's also a 4.3-inch display? Android 2.2 but no threaded messaging?), the gallery of crisp press shots are definitely a sight to see, Sprint logo and all. Enjoy those below, and stay tuned for your next dream phone (does that mean we won't want it until we sign a two-year contract for something else?) this Thursday -- picture of the teaser after the break.

[Thanks, David M]