CarTrip will connect your iOS device and your automobile

Griffin CarTrip with CleanDrive app

Griffin kicked off CES with a bang today by introducing several new products including the new CarTrip hardware and CleanDrive app for iOS or Android.

CarTrip is a Bluetooth-enabled monitor that plugs into your car's OBD-II port and compiles the data logged by the car's onboard computer. Data accessible to the Griffin device includes car acceleration, top speed, fuel consumption and diagnostic codes. The module can store this information to an external SD card using the built-in SD card port, or you can access the data directly using your phone or iPod touch/iPad and Griffin's CleanDrive application.

The CleanDrive application reads and analyzes the data provided from your car. Both individual trip and long-term data helps you analyze the fuel efficiency of your car and troubleshoot that annoying and often mysterious "check engine" light. The application requires an iPhone, iPad or fourth generation iPod touch with iOS 4.0 or later, while the Bluetooth module requires a 1996 or newer car that contains an OBD-II compliant system.

The CarTrip Bluetooth module will be available in Q1 2011 for US$89.99 from Griffin's website. The free, companion CleanDrive app will debut in Q1 2011 for iOS and Q2 for Android. Anyone interested in a personal OBD-II monitoring system?

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CarTrip and CleanDrive App connect with car's on-board computer

Nashville, TN - January 4, 2011 - Griffin Technology Inc., maker of innovations for everyday life, today announced another in their lineup of new products for CES with CarTrip, a powerful integration of hardware and software designed to help drivers get the most from their vehicles. CarTrip provides realtime driver feedback on everything from fuel efficiency to maintenance codes and environmental impact. CES attendees can see CarTrip in action, in the Griffin booth, #4727 in the iLounge Pavilion, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center.

"We've all wondered at one time or another if our vehicles are running as efficiently as possible; or looked at a check engine light with curiosity (and anxiety)," said Eric Weisinger, Category Manager for Auto Accessories at Griffin. "CarTrip helps conscious drivers decode the inner workings of their vehicles, be it maintenance codes, fuel economy, engine performance, or environmental impact."

Since 1996, new cars have allowed plug-in access to on-board computers through an On-Board Diagnostic Computer Reader, or OBD-II for short. This has been great for tuners and shade-tree mechanics, but otherwise inaccessible to the average driver. Until now.

Griffin's CarTrip is the easy, fun tool that helps people drive more efficiently, save money, and do their part to help the environment. CarTrip's Bluetooth monitor plugs into the car's OBD-II port to record and analyze data from the car's on-board computer. On-board memory stores data, and CarTrip's expansion SD card slot allows for additional data storage. A built-in sleep feature minimizes power consumption when not in use. CarTrip displays the data on a compatible iOS or Android device, using a friendly (and free) app called CleanDrive.

CleanDrive monitors the car's performance, collecting realtime data like fuel consumption, acceleration, top speed and engine diagnostic codes. CleanDrive crunches the numbers and displays a "Carbon Score" in an easy-to-understand format on the iOS or Android device's screen. Instantaneous, trip, and long-term averages are recorded to give a clear view of how driving habits impact the environment over time. In addition, CleanDrive will display and reset the diagnostic codes sent by the car's on-board computer, so that drivers can know what the "Check Engine" light is really saying.

A car's computer has a world of information to share that can be used to help the conscious car owner become a more fuel-efficient driver, saving money and helping reduce the effects that driving has on the environment. CarTrip by Griffin is the key.

Pricing and Availability
CarTrip, $89.99, will be available in the first quarter of 2011 at CleanDrive, a free download, will be available for iOS in Q1 2011, and Q2 for Android.

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