DriveNTalk BHF-2000 lets you drive while your smartphone talks, we go hands-on

Sadly, no, we still haven't seen a gadget that lets your smartphone drive. Maybe next year, but this year it's the BHF-2000 letting your smartphone talk while you drive. It's the latest DriveNTalk, a lineup that specializes in advanced hands-free kits, and the BHF-2000 is the furthest ahead of the bunch. Like the others it uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and then voice-to-text to read e-mails or SMS messages to you and accepts simple voice commands, but this one also accepts simple hand gestures, so you can silence playback by making the classic "talk to the hand" gesture, and it has a solar panel so that it can try to stay charged while clipped to your visor. Naturally it will let you take calls, just like the lesser-expensive 1700 and 1800 also on display -- but they'll just ignore your hand waving. Finally there's the KlaT 7, a little wireless remote control that can clip on your dash, if you still need buttons.