Iomega TV with Boxee chooses function over form, packs in a hard drive to boot

Looking for a Boxee Box equivalent that fits perhaps a bit more neatly into your existing home theater shelving system? Iomega TV with Boxee lacks D-Link's style, but its more standard look'll be easy to slide inconspicuously over your set-top box. It's got the same UI, the same Intel CE4100 processor, and a similar two-sided remote with a QWERTY keyboard on the underside and a few more buttons up front (dedicated volume control, for example). It can also serve as a DLNA server / player, built-in 802.11n, and up to 2TB internal storage that acts as network storage / a personal cloud. The top-of-the-line'll run you $349.99, with 1TB and 0TB (i.e. no internal storage) options available for $299.99 and $229.99, respectively. Those are due out in February -- plenty of time for Netflix and VUDU to show their faces.