Samsung hits 10 million Galaxy S sales

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|01.04.11

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Samsung hits 10 million Galaxy S sales
Sammy wanted to sell 10 million copies of its now-ubiquitous Galaxy S line before 2010 closed out -- and it may have actually pulled off that feat, despite being at "just" 9.3 million in the middle of December. Though impressive, that wouldn't make the Galaxy S Samsung's fastest-selling phone to the magical 10 million mark -- that honor is reserved for the Star, which hit it in just six months compared to the Galaxy S' seven. Considering that there's some form of Galaxy S sold on a staggering percentage of the world's major carriers, the success should come as no surprise; question is, can they keep it up in 2011 (hopefully thanks in part to a dual-core model or two)?
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