WoW Insider's Guide to the Omnotron Defense System

The Omnotron Defense System is the second fight in Blackwing Descent. It is effectively the token "council" fight of the raid. Essentially, the key to this fight is to switch to the most recently activated boss. Each boss has a damage type. Overall, you need two tanks for the ODS fight.

The ODS trons all share a joint health pool. They activate in random order and switch during the fight when each tron runs out of energy. Your DPS needs to stay focused on the most recently activated tron. You can tell which tron will activate next by the beam channeling to it, which is a good sign for your tank to pull the current tron to the relative opposite side of the room.

General strategy

Arcanotron (arcane damage)

  • Power Generator summons a blue circle under a random target. This increases damage by 50% of all friendly and enemy targets within 5 yards and lasts 1 minute. Drag the constructs off, and have DPS stand in the blue circle for a DPS boost.

  • Arcane Annihilator is a simple, huge nuke that can be interrupted.

  • Power Conversion converts incoming damage into increased DPS. Purge or steal the spell or stop DPS. This usually forces you to switch to the next tron.

Electron (nature damage)

  • Lightning Conductor infects an enemy for 10 seconds, causing it to inflict nature damage to its nearby allies every two seconds. It targets one raid member and causes him to damage other nearby raid members. If you are the target, run away from the raid group.

  • Electrical Discharge inflicts 29,250 to 30,750 nature damage to up to three enemies within 8 yards. Damage is increased by 20% between each jump. Spread out to avoid turning this into a raid killer.

  • Unstable Shield Attacks against the Unstable Shield cause a Static Shock at a nearby enemy's location. Static Shock inflicts 58,500 to 61,500 nature damage to enemies. When this ability is active, stop DPS.

Magmatron (fire damage)

  • Incineration Security Measure inflicts 14,625 to 15,375 fire damage every 1 second for 4 seconds. It can't be prevented, so you must heal through it.

  • Acquiring Target hits a raid member with a red beam. After 4 seconds, Magmatron will begin to channel his Flamethrower on the target, inflicting 34,125 to 35,875 fire damage every 1 second to all enemies in front of him for 4 seconds. Heal the target, and everyone should get away from the target.

  • Barrier absorbs 150,000 damage and if the barrier is broken, it releases a gale of flame inflicting 73,125 to 76,875 fire damage to all enemies.

Toxitron (nature damage)

  • Chemical Bomb fires a Chemical Bomb at a random target, causing a Chemical Cloud at the location. The cloud doubles damage taken. This affects the constructs as well as raid members. Get out of the cloud, and drag the boss into it.

  • Poison Soaked Shell applies Soaked in Poison on melee and spell attacks, which inflicts nature damage every 2 seconds. Soaked in Poison can stack up to 100 times, so be careful to watch your stacks. This debuff will actually increase your damage too, so you may wish to balance the number of stacks you get against how your healers can keep with it.

  • Poison Protocol creates a Poison Bomb every 1.5 seconds that will explode after coming in contact with its target or after being killed. The Bomb fixates on a single raid member and moves toward him or her, then explodes for massive damage on contact. Stun or snare the Poison Bombs. Kill them with ranged attacks.

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