iKlip attaches iPad to mic stand, musicians rejoice

If you're a musically-inclined techie, you probably noticed the introduction of IK Multimedia's iKlip late last year, we certainly did. And since several of you probably received an iPad last month, we thought it was worth a mention today. Especially for the musicians out there.

Musicians have embraced the iPad from the beginning, but have struggled to find a practical way to use it to read music while playing an instrument. Thankfully, IK Multimedia has come up with an obvious yet effective solution to this predicament: the iKlip.

The light weight, multi-angle iKlip attaches your iPad to just about any microphone stand with ease -- vertically or horizontally, with access to all your iPad's buttons. Built with "...thermoplastic molded components for extreme durability and secure holding abilities under the most demanding situations," you'll have no further difficulty reading a musical score while playing your instrument, tweaking settings for your guitar effects app or even singing the lyrics to your favorite karaoke song. Hey, if you're a public speaker, this is probably worth you checking out, too.

The iKlip is available for US$39.99 from IK Multimedia's website here.

[Thanks to commenter hankermac for pointing this out.]