Netgear announces MBR1000 for Verizon LTE, handful of other wireless routers

Because you shouldn't hog all that 4G LTE goodness for yourself, Netgear's announced a MBR1000 mobile broadband router compatible with Verizon's LTE network and its USB modems. It boasts four Ethernet ports and 802.11n WiFi... nothing mind-blowing, but isn't the LTE part enough? Additionally, we've got a quartet of routers with more traditional origins. Without further ado (and all in one breath, if you can): the N300 wireless router boasting Powerline AV (WNXR2000) coming this month for $119.99, the N750 wireless dual-band gigabit (WNDR4000) coming first quarter for $179.99, the N600 wireless dual-band gigabit ADSL modem router (DGND3700) in second quarter for $199.99, and a premium (albeit lacking ADSL) version N600 (WNDR3800) with ReadyShare hard drive / printer access from outside the network, a clear channel selector, and dashboard control for monitor / repair (also second quarter, for $179.99). There, wasn't so bad, was it?