Samsung busts out SSG-3700CR active Bluetooth 3D glasses, wireless charging base station

They certainly aren't able to claim a world's first here, but our universe could still use a few extra alternatives to the flood of IR-based active 3D glasses on the market. Following up on XpanD's announcement from CES 2010, Samsung has revealed its SSG-3700CR spectacles. Hailed as "featherlight, RF-enabled 3D active glasses," these Bluetooth-equipped face accessories weigh less than a single ounce, can be operated in wired and wireless modes and are compatible with Sammy's newest LCD and plasma HDTVs. You'll also get an adjustable / removable nose pad, customized fitting options and the ability to add prescription glass, too. Oh, and since it's physically impossible to own a pair of these without also handing over as much cash as necessary for a charging base, there's the CY-SWC1000A. The outfit's calling this the first wireless charging station for its 2011 3D activate glasses, supporting up to four sets at a time and looking fairly svelte all the while. It's a crying shame that no one at Sammy is willing to talk dollars and cents, but if you've been following its other CES 2011 releases, you'll accurately assume that these two will also ship at some point in the next six months.