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Samsung debuts world's slimmest 3D Blu-ray player, three others that'll get the job done

One-upping yourself, eh Samsung? Just a year after the BD-P4600 claimed the title of world's slimmest Blu-ray player, the outfit has introduced the BD-D7500 to take that crown and waltz all over Las Vegas. Introduces here at CES, the D7500 measures just 1.1-inches deep, and also includes 2D-to-3D conversion capabilities, 1080p upscaling, inbuilt WiFi, touch sensor control, DLNA streaming and support for Samsung Apps / Hub. Those not content with sliding this thing under their television can also mount it on a wall, but it's on you to figure out the wiring situation. Moving on, there's the BD-D7000 -- a cube-like, slot-loading 3D Blu-ray player with most of the exact same features in a different form factor. Speaking of which, the BD-D6700 is another slimster, coated in silver and offering twin HDMI outputs and support for Android / iPhone control. Finally, the BD-D6500 deck is slim and trim, boasting 3D playback, inbuilt WiFi, a slot-loading mechanism and support for Samsung Apps and Hub features. Sadly, Samsung's not dishing out any pricing details, but all of 'em will be available to procure sometime between tomorrow and July 31st, 2011.